About Us

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Department of Biomedical Engineering is to provide a student-centered environment that facilitates a culture of inter-disciplinary learning and innovation, while encouraging active participation in scholarly and professional activities to serve the biomedical engineering profession and society, while advancing regional economic development.

The vision of the Department of Biomedical Engineering is to create and innovative, interdisciplinary academic program that emphasizes the fundamentals of biomedical engineering; state of the art applications pertaining to biomedical instrumentation, biomechanics, bioinformatics, and other healthcare related areas in an environment of life-long learning and research.

Program Educational Objectives for the Biomedical Engineering Program

  1. Successfully practice biomedical engineering to serve state and regional industries, hospitals, government agencies, or national and international industries.
  2. Work professionally in one or more of the following areas: biomedical instrumentation, biomechanics, and bioinformatics.
  3. Achieve personal and professional success with commitment to ethical and social responsibility, both as individuals and in team environments.
  4. Engage in lifelong learning, including entering and succeeding in an advanced degree program in a field such as engineering, science, business, or medicine.