Biomedical Engineering Students Selected into JAMP

Two undergraduate students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering have been selected into the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) – a first for UNT’s College of Engineering.

The program, which was created by the Texas Legislature, supports and encourages highly qualified, economically disadvantaged Texas resident students pursuing a medical education. For Anni Blair and Fernando Moreno, the program will help them achieve their dreams of going to medical school.

“My career goal is to attend medical school to become a cardiologist. While in medical school, I am going to be self-motivated and 100 percent devoted to genuinely comprehending what I learn,” said Moreno. “I have a big heart; I want to be a role model for people of all ages by showing that hard work and the willingness to help others will lead to success in life. Attending medical school will prepare me to face any challenge in the medical profession and to encourage my community to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

The Department of Biomedical Engineering, which was established nearly three years ago, allows students to receive a well-rounded education and develop the engineering skills and expertise to work in industry, hospitals or research institutions. JAMP complements Moreno’s and Blair’s education by offering scholarships and summer stipends, internship and hands-on experiences, MCAT preparation, mentoring and guaranteed admission to a participating Texas medical school if all criteria are met.

“My undergraduate study in biomedical engineering prepares me for future study, training and profession,” said Blair. “When I go to medical school, I will pursue the M.D/ M.P.H. dual degree with a concentration in epidemiology. I plan to specialize in surgery during post medical school training, but it may change after clinical rotation, so I will keep an open-mind.”