Mandy Netherton

Laboratory Manager
Discovery Park
  • Biography

    Mandy is the Lab Supervisor for the Biomedical Engineering department. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts in 1997, and went on to do more than fifteen years of academic research for institutes such as the University of Oklahoma, MD Anderson Cancer Center of Florida, and the University of Central Florida. She also spent time at the non-profit organization, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, as well as several years in the Life Science Industry working for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

    Having more than ten publications, Mandy has a wide range of molecular biology experience, including Whole Genome Sequencing and Closure, Real Time PCR, Proteomics, Immunoassays, Cell Culture, Animal Studies, BSL-3 work, and Drug Discovery.

    In her role as Lab Supervisor for the department, she assists faculty and students in the planning and design of research and instructional activities. This includes training faculty, staff, and the public on the use of instrumentation, setting up hardware and software, maintaining equipment, regulating safety compliance, and managing inventory. She is a resource for the resolution of problems that any faculty, staff, or student may encounter within the labs.