Jessica Baas - MS Student

Jessica Baas

My name is Jessica Baas. I started my journey at UNT in the Fall of 2017 to pursue my undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering with a minor in materials engineering. I graduated magna cum laude in May 2021. I really enjoyed learning in the UNT biomedical engineering department, so I stayed to obtain my graduate degree in biomedical engineering. I am expected to graduate in May 2023.

I am currently working as a teaching assistant in the department for two classes. I am also doing research in Dr. Ecker’s smart polymer lab. My research is focused on creating gelatin methyl acrylate hydrogels and hyaluronic acid hydrogels. In the future, I hope to create microneedle transdermal patches for drug delivery with these hydrogels. I am a member of Phi Kapa Phi Honor Society and I have recently joined the student advising committee in the biomedical engineering department.