Jungyeon Lee - Class of 2021

Sunny Lee

I am an undergraduate student in Biomedical Engineering as Pre-Med track to aspire MD.Ph.D. in the future to contribute in nano-medicine and anti-aging. As an undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student in UNT, our program provided a lot of opportunities for me to actively engage in both academics and research. All the professors I have met here are very open-minded and willing to support. I was lucky to have Dr. Vijay to be my mentor, who encourages me and supports my goals.

Also, I’ve been participating in research in Dr.Yang’s lab in organ-on-chip on the human system to mimic the human in-vivo system. From this experience, I am certain that I want to put more hands-on experience in the research in the future. I am passionate about being innovative in biomedical society and hope to contribute to the medical field.

Do you consider biomedical engineering is too hard? Well, I certainly enjoy challenges, but you can manage all the social activities, fellowship, and leadership experiences because that’s what I am trying to do. I also work as the ambassador for the College of Engineering.

I am honored to be the active student in our department and can’t wait to start my own senior design project in this new building and new welcoming faculties, and facilities.