Noel Salinas – MS Student

Noel Salinas

My name is Noel Salinas. In Spring of 2018 I received my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University - College Station. It was during my sophomore year as an undergraduate when I first became exposed to the profession of Biomedical Engineering. As an undergraduate, we would speak of several tools medical professionals use to help diagnose or treat patients and it was then where my curiosity of understanding how these devices were made intrigued me further into Biomedical Engineering. During my Junior year as an undergraduate, I knew I wanted to pursue a M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering to teach me the knowledge to create and innovate new devices, software, and technologies to assist medical professionals as well as patients.

In searching where to pursue my M.S. degree, I came across the UNT Biomedical Engineering program. After reading deeper into the program, I knew this is the right place for me. As a graduate student my experience in the courses offered have been challenging, thought provoking, and have provided me with excellent Engineering tools and knowledge. There have been several projects which have allowed me to conceptually visualize an idea, design, and implement said design. Some of which include the creation of software to analyze MRI images, software to analyze cerebral aneurysms of a CT image, motors to respond to muscular contraction’s, and so much more

In addition to course work, I participate in research work for Dr. Brain Meckes whose laboratory seeks to use nanotechnology to study and treat human diseases to improve human health. Following graduation, I aim to pursue in a career in industry to provide ways to innovate and create devices or technologies to assist medical professionals, patients, and families.