Sophia Zoch – BS Student

Sophia Zoch

I am an undergraduate student pursuing a BS in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Mechanical Engineering. I currently work with Dr. Yijie (Steven) Jiang in the Multiscale Fabrication and Characterization Lab in UNT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, where I contribute to the development of high-efficient, light-weight energy absorbing materials comprised of nanoparticles and 3D-printed bistable structures. Such materials will have applications in personal protection, such as football helmets that will reduce the impact received by a player’s head. I have conducted research on wearable emotion monitoring as in the University of Houston’s Computational Medicine Lab as part of the NSF REU Site: Neurotechnologies to Help the Body Move, Heal, and Feel Again. My research interests include sports biomechanics, neurotrauma, and traumatic brain injury biomechanics. My career goals include becoming a biomechanical engineer and conducting injury biomechanics research in industry or academia.